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Monday, February 20, 2012


Forget all the useless flashlight apps, games that let you fling birds at pigs, and unit convertor apps. Here's an app that's finally groundbreaking.

Are you ready?

Yumemiru lets you control your dreams.

This Japanese app for iPhone detects when you enter the dream phase of your sleep and then it plays a soundtrack you chose, which influences what you dream about.

The way it works is that you run the app and place it next to you when you go to sleep. The app has a timer and after a while it uses the phone's microphone to listen to you and detect when you've reached the REM phase of your sleep (which is when you start dreaming). It then plays a different soundtrack according to the type of dream that you selected you want. The sounds include sound effects and voices that direct your dream.

The currently available dreams in Yumemiru include walking through a forest, going to the beach, flying in the sky, becoming rich, and romantic dreams for dreaming about men or women (your choice).

The app also includes an alarm clock to wake you up at the right time.
Yumemiru is free and works on your iPhone and iPod touch.
It is currently in Japanese so may take a bit to understand how to work it.