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Sunday, February 26, 2012


People love sharing funny videos with their friends. The problem is how do you keep up?

Showyou is a great way to watch videos shared by your friends on Facebook, Twitter and other popular social networks. You can also browse videos by category, or search for something more specific.

So if you have a few minutes to spare, just pop up the app and see what videos your friends have recently shared or are currently popular.

You can follow specific people (the app recommends friends to follow based on your current Facebook and Twitter friends) or channels based around different topics (design, comedy, knowledge...) so that whenever you open the app the videos you see are according to what interests you.
These channels include names like The Daily Show, Colbert Report, TED, Reddit TV, Stanford University, and more.

When you see a video you like you can share it with you friends on Showyou, Facebook, Twitter, or by email. Another nice feature Showyou has is the ability to add videos to your Watch It Later queue so you can watch them later on.

Showyou is a universal app that works great on both your iPhone and iPad.
Oh, and it's free.