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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Topple 2

Topple is a fun game where you need to stack falling blocks on top of each other until they reach a certain height without toppling over.
Topple is really nicely done and even won the 2009 Apple Design Award.

Similar to Tetris, pieces fall one at a time from the top of the screen. You can rotate each piece and your objective is to stack them on top of each other till they reach a height goal. Once you reach that height you can keep going for extra points till either your time is up or till your tower falls over.

You can play alone or along with your nearby friends via Wifi. They even have a mode where you can send your "ghost play" to a friend who is not near you so that friend can play against you at their convenience.

Here's a trailer of the game that shows it off a bit:

Topple 2 costs $0.99 in the AppStore. They also have Topple Plus+ which uses the Plus+ Network for leaderboards and friends.