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Friday, February 24, 2012

Discovr Movies

There sure are a lot of movies coming out all the time. How do you discover the ones that will interest you and that you'll want to see?

Discovr Movies comes to help you with exactly that, finding movies that you'd enjoy watching.

You start off by entering a movie that you like and the app then starts branching off and showing you movies that are similar and that you'd probably like. You can then click on any movie that pops up to see a synopsis of the movie and its reviews (it also gives you cast information, clips, and links to more information about that movie on other sites).

If you like a particular movie you can add it as a favorite and then when movie night comes up you just open the app and check out the list of movies you marked that you want to see.

Discovr Movies also shows you movies that are now in theaters and has a list of their staff picks.

Discovr Movies is usually $1.99 but is now free so grab it before they raise back the price. It's a universal app so you can use it on both you iPhone and iPad.