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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Penguin Wings

If you take a look at Penguin Wings, it may look familiar.
It's very similar to the popular iPhone game, Tiny Wings. However there are are few big differences.
First of all Penguin Wings is free and there are different items you can collect during the game to advance faster and score more points (for example a magnet that grabs coins that are near you).
But even more interesting is that Penguin Wings uses Nextpeer's technology to let you play the game against other players, in a tournament style competition.
For example you can play a 1 minute game against somebody online and whoever scores the most points in that minute wins 400 coins. The more players you play against the higher the stakes and the more you can win.

If you're not familiar with this type of gameplay, it's very simple to pick up.
In Penguin Wings you control a flying penguin. When you touch the screen the penguin stops flapping its wings and descends. When you release your finger the penguin starts flapping its wings and flies.
So it's all a matter of timing, stop flapping your wings when there is a down hill so that the penguin dives and then release just at the right moment to soar through the air.
The goal is to fly as long/far as you can by ascending and descending at just the right moments, according to the hilly terrain you are on.

Check out the "Play Online" feature in the game, it really gives it a nice twist and is something I expect will start catching on in more and more games.