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Monday, January 30, 2012


Magisto turns your iPhone into a smart video camera. What it does is take a bunch of videos that you shoot on your iphone, analyze them to "understand" their content, and then edit them down into one short video that looks like it was edited professionally.

Magisto is very easy to use and the results are surprisingly good. All you do is select what videos you want to include, choose a soundtrack (they offer a wide range of songs that you can use or choose any song from your iPod), and let Magisto do its magic.
After a few minutes of working in the background the app notifies you that your masterpiece is ready. That simple.

The results are quite good, the app detects when people are talking so it lowers the volume of the background music, in segments where the sound is irrelevant it plays the background music even louder, it adds video stabilization, filters, special effects, transitions etc...
It also has face recognition that detects the important people in your videos so you can tag them.

Once your movie is ready you can upload it to YouTube or share it on Facebook and Twitter.

Here's a short video that explains how Magisto works:

Oh yea, and it's free.