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Friday, January 20, 2012

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

For those about to rock.... we recommend this app.
Ultimate Guitar Tabs is the, um, ultimate app for guitar chords and tabs.
If you play guitar you're probably familiar with the Ultimate Guitar website for finding song chords, tabs, and lyrics.
Using the app you can get all those right at your finger tips while jamming.

This comes in very useful when you are with some friends and want to jam but can't think of good songs to play.
Just fire up the Ultimate Guitar Tabs app and either go to your favorite songs, search for any song or artist, or even try out a tab pack. Those will surely find you some cool tunes that you can rock out to.

Some of the cool features that this app offers are:
  • The ability to autoscroll a tab so that you don't have to stop playing when it reaches the end of the screen
  • Easily search for any tab
  • Save your favorite tabs (very useful)
  • Synchronizing your favorite tabs between the app and the website
  • Top 100 tabs
  • Tab packs which are sets of tabs that you can view according to level and genre. For example: you can get classical rock songs, easy songs, pop songs...

If you play guitar, or even want to learn how to play guitar, this app is probably the most obvious way to learn how to play new songs.