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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


ViewExif is not for everybody but if you are interested in seeing the information embedded in your photos, this is the easiest way to do so.
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Sunday, February 8, 2015


Shades is a simple puzzle that kinda seems like a modern version of Tetris.
Get the game
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

Ultimate Guitar Tabs, the best app for guitar players, is now 70% off! If you play guitar and have an iPhone you should have this app.
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chicken Boy

Chicken Boy is a fun game with great graphics, cool sound/music, and is a lot of fun to play.
Aside from the cool characters they nailed the gameplay and it really offers hours of enjoyment.

Oh, and it's free (for both Android and iPhone).

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Pushbullet is simple and awesome. It lets you easily get things from your phone to your computer or from your computer to your phone. And the great news is that it's now available not only for Android but for iOS and Mac.
Oh, and it's free.
Get it!

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Spark Camera

Spark Camera lets you easily edit short videos directly on you iPhone.
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Here's an app that makes everyone look naked. Lot's of fun
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Loopy HD

Loopy HD, the app that lets you create music by layering tracks, which was seen on Jimmy Fallon, is now only $3.99
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Strata is a beautiful iPhone puzzle game. Very fun to play and work your mind

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Workflow the simple automation app for iPhone, is only $1.99 for now. Grab it! 
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rhythm Calculator

Rhythm Calculator is a tool for musicians who are learning new pieces of music and struggling with the rhythmic content.

It allows them to input the rhythm, as seen on the sheet music, and listen to it played back in perfect time and tempo.

The iOS Calculator style interface makes the app's UI instantly familiar. The musician can then play along with the app until they have mastered the rhythm.

It's a great practice tool for music students and a great teaching tool for teachers.

Rhythm Calculator costs $1.99 in the AppStore.

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Monday, May 14, 2012


StillShot is one of those basic apps that's so obvious it has to exist. Well, now it does, it was launched today.

In essence, StillShot takes any video that you have and converts selected frames from it into high quality photos.

The most obvious use of this is when you setup your camera to take a shot, everybody lines up and smiles, you click the button, and suddenly you notice that your camera is set on video mode. With StillShot you have nothing to worry about, just fire up the app, load the video, choose any frame that you want from the video, and save it as a still image.

StillShot is also useful when objects are on the move and it's hard to catch a specific moment.
Of course you can also use StillShot for capturing a special moment from a video and use it as your desktop wallpaper, to send as a photo to a friend, or even to print and frame.

The app can extract frames from any video, without any special requirements. StillShot keeps the original resolution of the video, for example on the iPhone 4s the resolution is 1080p (1920*1080px).

StillShot was created by Macademia Apps, the same guys that created the awesome GroupShot app (if you don't have that app you should definitely get it).

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Solar-Powered Bikini

Everybody knows that battery life is the biggest problem with our gadgets today, especially smartphones like the iPhone. We've already seen a camp stove with USB that charges using fire and even a mask that converts the air in your breathe into electricity.

So guess what's next? A bikini of course.

Andrew Schneider, a designer from New York, designed this solar powered bikini that has a USB connector that you can use to power your different gadgets (like a phone, camera, mp3 player, etc...). It's made out of solar panels that are woven together using conductive thread.

The biggest surprise is that you can actually swim in this bikini (preferably if you are a woman). The bikini itself conducts all the electricity to your electronic devices, it doesn't store any power in the swimsuit itself, so feel free to jump in the pool while wearing it. Just remember to disconnect whatever gadget you have connected to it before you take the plunge.

The swimsuit costs £120 and he's already accepting orders now on his site.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Sphero is part robot, part ball, and a whole lot of fun.
Actually, it's a gadget, a toy, a controller, colorful ball, and a cat toy all rolled up in one.

In short, Sphero is a cute little remote control ball which you control via apps on either your iPhone or Android.

Here's their promo video where you can see some of the cool things you can do with a Sphero:

Pretty impresssive stuff ah? It even works in water!

It’s the first robotic ball gaming device that you control with a tilt, touch, or swing from your smartphone or tablet. You can even use Sphero as a controller for on-screen gameplay. Sphero delivers a unique mixed-reality experience with single and multi-player apps that let you engage in the virtual world and play in the real one.

There are a bunch of different apps you can use with Sphero, here are some in action:

Sphero gives you over an hour of full throttle play and even charges with cable-free induction (it has a cute docking station that you just plop the ball into and it charges).

Even President Obama had a good time playing with and controlling Sphero. You can see him here playing around with it and actually saying "Excuse me, give me some space to drive my ball.":

Sphero costs $130 and you can order it online today (from their site or ThinkGeek).

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mustache Bash

Now it's time for a serious app. One that every man and woman on the planet needs.

Mustache Bash lets you easily add funny mustaches to any photo. You can choose a picture from your camera roll or take a new one, choose from a variety of different mustaches, and just smack a mustache on any face.

The app has a wide gallery of different mustaches and beards to choose from, some realistic looking and others unrealistic. Some are included free and you can purchase additional mustache packs. Once you choose a mustache to add to your photo you can move it around to find the perfect spot to add it, choose it's color, and resize it so it fits exactly like you want it.

Once you've completed your masterpiece you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, and email, or just save it in your iPhone's camera roll.

Mustache Bash is free in the AppStore and comes included with quite a few different mustaches. You can purchase additional ones from within the app.

Now go get it and share your creations. But I mustache you to behave with it (see what I did there :)

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Get your motors running...XLR8 is an app that will save you thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it's a lot of fun.

XLR8 (get it, it's pronounced accelerate) turns your plain old Ford Focus into a Ford Mustang (and for another 2 bucks, a Lamborghini). Ok, it doesn't really turn your car into one of those cars, but it does make your car sound like an exotic super car.
And in a really cool way.

XLR8 uses your phone’s accelerometer and GPS to see exactly how fast you are going and plays a sound of what it would sound like if you were driving a Ferrari or other similar cars.
So as you speed up you hear the gears shifting and the motor revving, and when you slow down and stop at a red light you hear the engine growling softly as is idles.

To get the best results, secure your phone in your car and connect it to your car's stereo system. Then crank up the volume and just start driving, the app will make it sound like you're driving a monster.

The app also has a manual mode that you can use to play around with when you are not driving (or if you want to manually shift gears in the app while really driving, but that sounds pretty dangerous).

XLR8 costs $0.99 and is available for iPhone and Android. It comes with one car sound included, a classic V8 muscle car. You can use in app purchases to unlock the other cars or purchase a 4-pack of car sounds.

Drive safe!

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