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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Limited data plans on your mobile phone suck but for some reason they are getting more and more popular. So what can you do (aside from paying more money to increase your dataplan)?
Onavo comes to the rescue to help anybody who has limited data on their phone and wants to get the most out of it.

The way Onavo works is quite genius actually: once you install the app you launch it once and click "Start Saving". From that moment on (until you decide you want to turn it off) Onavo routes all the traffic from your phone and compresses it, therefore saving your data plan's precious megabytes.

So, for example, lets say you want to view a photo that a friend emailed your (or uploaded to Facebook), instead of downloading the full high quality version of that photo to your phone, and gobbling up a large amount of data from your plan, Onavo compresses that photo and sends your phone a lower quality version of it.
The photo will still look pretty good (you can play around with the settings if you want the app to compress more or less, but the default settings are good enough).

What is happening is that all the information that is supposed to be downloaded to your phone first goes through Onavo's "magical shrinking machine". And the cool thing is that you continue to use your phone regularly, everything happens seamlessly in the background.
According to Onavo you can double and even triple your data plan just by having the app run in the background.

The app was originally intended for users who are travelling and have very limited access to a data plan but it can help anybody who doesn't have an unlimited plan.

Onavo is available for both Android and for iPhone/iPad and is currently free.