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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Amazing Breaker

The most successful games on the iPhone seem to be games that are broken up into short levels that you try over and over again until you first pass and then perfect (for example Angry Birds and Cut The Rope).
Amazing Breaker fits into that genre beautifully and offers hours of great gameplay.

In AmazingBreaker you need to catapult different kinds of bombs in order to blow up the ice sculpture on the screen. In order to pass a level you need to destroy at least 90% of the object, with the limited bombs that you have for that level.
Think of it as Angry Birds meets Xonix, if you remember that puzzle game, (or maybe Breakout).

There's a nice variation of bombs available in the different levels (kinda like the different type birds you get in Angry Birds) and the physics of the ice cracking as it explodes is great.

If you destroy 90% of the object you get 1 star and you need to destroy 100% of it in order to get the coveted 3 stars. Getting 3 stars can get quite hard as the levels advance so you can find yourself trying the same level over and over until you reach that perfect shot.

The graphics and sounds are very polished which make this an even more fun game to play. No doubt this deserves to become a cult iPhone game.

Amazing Breaker costs $0.99 and there is also an iPad version called Amazing Breaker HD that costs $2.99.