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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This is probably the worst looking app that I will ever review here. But despite its looks, Sherlock is one hell of a time sink.
Sherlock is a logic puzzle game for the iPhone. I know the graphics are horrible, but bear with me, if you like logic games it's really fun.

Not only does it look horrible but it's also hard to explain the game. However, if you can look beyond that you're promised hours of fun.

Each row of the puzzle contains images of different objects (faces, houses, numbers, fruit, street signs, letters). The goal of the game is figure out what objects go where, based on the clues that you have about their logic. The game gives you JUST enough clues (presented graphically) to figure out where each image must be located in its row. For example: the cherry is next to the grapes, the blue face is above the number 2, the red house is not next to the green house, the number 6 is between the stop sign and the hospital sign, etc... Once you've eliminated the impossible (figured out where images can NOT be located), you start figuring out where each object is located.

Once you understand the clues this game becomes very addicting.
The game is free and additional levels can be purchased from within the game (I bought them and am slowly working my way up the levels).

Sherlock is a game that I used to play for years on the PC and was very happy to see there's an iPhone port of the game (if I hadn't been familiar with it before there's no way I would have checked it out on the iPhone, because it looks old).

Now for the screenshots, hopefully you've been convinced to at least check out the game before you are turned off by the graphics: