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Saturday, February 4, 2012


Songify turns any speech into music. That simple. It's a great app that produces hilarious results. All you do is launch the app, choose one of the song styles, and record yourself speaking into the app.

Songify takes the recording of you speaking, auto-tunes it (based on the song style you chose), and creates a song with you singing (in tune) to the music.

You can then share the song to your Facebook, Twitter, or by email but the most popular use is probably just playing it to your nearby friends.
Songify's interface is just about as simple as could be: it's pretty much 1 button for starting and stopping the recording. There are a few minor options (like choosing the song style), but that's about it.

There is a also a popularity board where you can hear what other people around the world are creating with the app and you can rate their songs.

The app is free and comes with several song styles you can choose from. If you want you can purchase additional songs styles from within the app.