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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pano Camera

You may have seen people post great looking panoramic photos and wondered how they created those. Pano Camera is just the answer to that, and it's free for now.

If you're not familiar with panoramic images or how to create them, basically you shoot multiple pictures of a scene and then stitch them together using some kind of photo-stitching software. To get good results you typically need to use a tripod so the pictures are more or less aligned.
Not with Pano Camera.

Pano Camera lets you easily create panoramic photos, without much hassle. It has a couple cool features that make your life easy when you take the photos, and it stitches them up for you seamlessly.

First of all, Pano detects when you are holding your phone up vertically and only then lets you take a picture. That makes a big difference and lets you take your photos without a tripod. The second useful feature that Pano has is an alignment indicator that shoots your photos when your camera is at the right spot so that all the images align properly in the final panoramic image.

So all you do is line up your phone for the first shot, hit the camera button, and then move your phone right or left to line up the indicator. Once it's lined up the app automatically takes the photo for you and moves the indicator to the next spot. You then move your camera till it lines up again, and so forth.
Once you've taken enough shots, hit the stop button and the app does the rest to create your final panoramic photo.
It even has a crop feature so that you can cut off the sides of the image that sometimes don't come out good.