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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Mooniz is a great iPhone game that's been featured a lot throughout Apple's AppStore and received a lot of great reviews. A new version of Mooniz was just released and you can even get it free...

Mooniz are cute little critters that you have to blast off the screen. You do that by tapping groups of Mooniz that are next to each other and have the same color. If you manage to snatch enough Mooniz before the time is up you can advance to the next level. If you tap groups that are too small they turn into skulls that you need to heal.

Today Mooniz released a new version of their game, which just crossed 1,000,000 downloads. And to celebrate that they are offering the game free for a day.

Not only will you have great time playing it, this latest version opens up a whole new world of fun.

The latest version of Mooniz introduces a new multiplayer mode, powered by NextPeer. It now lets you play Mooniz with your friends and with new people, in real-time. This new mode also introduces an interesting feature built on NextPeer's platform: the ability to distract your opponents. While you are playing you can use special distraction power ups against whoever you are playing, in order to get ahead in the game. In Mooniz you can shake the opponent's screen or flash it, and turn their Mooniz into those damn skulls.

Not only is this a really cute game with fun creatures, graphics, and sound, it's also fun to play. As you advance you earn points and can get different power ups that help you get through the levels (and now also help you distract your real-life opponents).
It's the kind of game that anybody can play and enjoy, so grab it now.