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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The easiest way to transfer photos from your phone

There are a bunch of ways to transfer pictures you take from your phone to your computer. You can mail them to yourself, use a desktop application like iTunes to connect your phone, use Flickr or Dropbox apps on your phone to upload them and then download on the computer, and probably at least 10 other ways I can think of. Here's the easiest way of all to copy your photos and get them from your iPhone to your desktop.

Bump has been around for a long time on the iPhone and Android, probably since both platforms just came out with applications. Their claim to fame was the ability to physically bump phones with somebody in order to send them your virtual business card with all your contact info (we recently also reviewed their Bump Pay app which lets you send somebody money by bumping phones).

The latest feature that they added to their app is really cool, it lets you transfer your photos from your mobile phone to your pc or mac just by tapping your phone on your computer's space key. You don't even need to install anything on the computer.

All you need to do is have Bump on your phone (iPhone and Android) and open on your desktop computer (PC or Mac). Then choose any photo that you want to transfer from your phone and bump the phone on your keyboard's space key.

Boom. That's it. Your photo has been transfered.

Very cool and very simple.

Plus you can obviously still use Bump to send and receive contact information from people you meet just by bumping phones, don't forget that feature.

Bump is free and available for both iPhone and Android.

Update: the latest version of Bump now also lets you send files (videos, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, files, etc) and share them with other devices.