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Friday, April 13, 2012


Figure is a fun app that anybody can use to make music. Without any musical training you can create your own music that sounds great.

Professional and even amateur musicians have expensive boxes and programs for creating and recording songs and beats. With Figure anybody can do it, even while on the go, and get great sounding results.

The app gives you a simple interface for laying down the different elements of your track. You can record drums, bass, and lead synth. At first the app may seem a bit confusing, but as you start playing around and tapping the different parts you quickly get the hang of it.

Every part of the song that you want to record is controlled by sliding your finger across the play pad for that instrument. The app makes sure that you always stay in key and on the beat, so the results always sound good. With a little playing around and practice, the results sound great.

The fun thing is that you don't need any previous playing skills in order to get good results, and if you do have previous experience with creating music, you'll just create better results faster.

As you lay down your different tracks you can go back to each individual instrument and tweak it on the fly. You can change the sound (for example there are tons of different basses and drum kits to choose from), change the rhythm, the complexity/intricacy of the part, and the final mix between the different sounds.

Figure costs $0.99 and works on iPhone 4 or higher and iPad. It is not recommended for iPhone 3GS.