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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Get your motors running...XLR8 is an app that will save you thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it's a lot of fun.

XLR8 (get it, it's pronounced accelerate) turns your plain old Ford Focus into a Ford Mustang (and for another 2 bucks, a Lamborghini). Ok, it doesn't really turn your car into one of those cars, but it does make your car sound like an exotic super car.
And in a really cool way.

XLR8 uses your phone’s accelerometer and GPS to see exactly how fast you are going and plays a sound of what it would sound like if you were driving a Ferrari or other similar cars.
So as you speed up you hear the gears shifting and the motor revving, and when you slow down and stop at a red light you hear the engine growling softly as is idles.

To get the best results, secure your phone in your car and connect it to your car's stereo system. Then crank up the volume and just start driving, the app will make it sound like you're driving a monster.

The app also has a manual mode that you can use to play around with when you are not driving (or if you want to manually shift gears in the app while really driving, but that sounds pretty dangerous).

XLR8 costs $0.99 and is available for iPhone and Android. It comes with one car sound included, a classic V8 muscle car. You can use in app purchases to unlock the other cars or purchase a 4-pack of car sounds.

Drive safe!