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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SpeedUp Player

SpeedUp Player Pro is a replacement for the iPhone's built in music player. It's specifically designed for people who listen to audiobooks and podcasts.

As you may have guessed by the name, SpeedUp Player Pro saves you a lot of time by letting you listen to podcasts and audiobooks at higher speeds. I've been doing this for years and once you get used to it you can increase the speed so that you cut your listening time in half.

SpeedUp Player lets you control the playing speed from 0.5X(half speed) all the way up to 2.5X the original playing speed so you can find just the right speed that lets you still understand the audiobook but still decrease the time it takes you to listen to a file. SpeedUp Player changes the playback speed while preserving the original pitch so you don't get squeaky voices.
It also lets you play files directly from your iPod collection, without converting the files first (supports music/podcasts/audiobooks).

Additional useful features that it offers are remembering the playback position for any file you listen too and managing your playlists from the device itself (you can easily add and delete files from a playlist, without iTunes).

It also lets you configure gestures to skip forward and backwards, a configurable amount of time (great if you tuned out for a few seconds and want to skip back), and lets you setup gestures to control the playback speed.

The iPhone's built-in music player has a speed up feature however you need to first go into iTunes and make sure your files are in the right format and it doesn't always remember your place in a file, very annoying if you pause and then want to resume listening from the same place.

Unfortunately, SpeedUp Player is a bit ugly, I wish the graphics looked better, but it is a rock solid player.
I recently switched over from the native iPod play and now use SpeedUp exclusively.

SpeedUp is $2.99 in the AppStore.