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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Angry Birds Space

Unless you've been living under a rock, that's located at the bottom of the ocean, on the dark side of the moon, of Jupiter, there's no need to introduce Angry Birds.
Today they've unleashed a new game in the Angry Birds series, and this time the rules, of gravity, have changed.

Angry Birds Space, as you can tell by its name, takes place in space. The different gravitational pulls affect the very core concepts that we all know in the other Angry Birds games. The basic concept is stil the same: launch the birds to kill the pigs. Only this time the laws of gravity and physics are a bit different to what we're used to, since everything is happening in space, on different planets.

Sometimes you launch the birds from other planets, sometimes they're on the other side of the same planet the pigs are on, sometimes those other planets are within the gravitational pull of the pigs' planet, and sometime they are way off with other planets that affect your trajectory along the way.

The planets each have a highlighted area around them that marks that planet's gravitational pull. When you shoot the birds into that gravity field its trajectory bends, according to that planet's gravitational pull. So every level you kinda have to figure out what tactic to use in order to have that level's gravity on your side.

The old Angry Birds was getting pretty old (does anybody still play it?) so Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, are trying to revive the gameplay by introducing all these new gravitational challenges. They even collaborated with NASA on it (see the video below).
It does make the game more interesting, especially at first when you learn all the new tricks, but not sure if this will be enough to really make it an interesting game.
They've also added some new birds and updated the old ones to look more "spacey".
It's fun to check out, but I think it will start getting old really fast.

Angry Birds Space is available for free on Android and costs $0.99 in the iPhone AppStore.

What are your thoughts on this latest version of the Angry Birds empire? Share them in the comments.

Here's the official Angry Birds Space NASA announcement: