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Monday, March 26, 2012


Today's app is a slight deviation from our regularly scheduled program. Even the name, PooPal, may seem a bit different from what you're used to here. But here goes...
PoolPal gives you a set of "essential" tools you may need while in the toilet.

PooPal's claim to fame (if you call it fame) is its toilet salary calculator. If you go to the toilet while at work you're still getting paid, right? PooPal's calculator tells you exactly how much you've been paid for that particular, um, session. When go in an start you business you start the timer and when you've finished it shows you how much you were paid (based on your salary and how long it took you).

In addition PooPal gives you some encouraging background music in case you need some help getting the deed done. It also offers random toilet facts, an emergency distraction cough, and emergency hand dryer noise in case you need to cover up any bodily noises.

Don't worry, PooPal is free for the iPhone.

Disclaimer: LightenApp does not endorse going to the toilet or creating any bodily sounds or smells.